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Smokestacks, Watertower Coming Down in Shillington


Demolition at a former silk mill on Lancaster Avenue won't affect the main building, which will be renovated.
Shillington, PA - A century-old former silk mill in Shillington is getting a facelift that will alter the skyline view from Lancaster Avenue.
David M. Kleckner, who recently bought the property, said the structures had fallen into disrepair. "They aren’t being used anymore and they’re in a fairly poor state of existence," he said. Kleckner is undertaking a total renovation of the building. When complete, the new structure will house his company, David Kleckner Architects, and Performance Gear, a music-stand manufacturing business owned by his business partner, Nick Nagroski.
Kleckner said contractors have estimated it will take three days to take down the smokestack and water tower. "They’re using caution not to damage the portion of the building that will remain and the rest of the neighborhood," he said.

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